How to Pray for Your Pastor on Saturday Night

The picture above could easily be entitled, "A Pastor Reviews His Sermon on the Night before Preaching It." The average Saturday night of a pastor probably goes something like this... The holy butterflies start. They may even start first thing on Saturday morning. It's Saturday, but Sunday morning is coming. A weight begins to settle... Continue Reading →

“I Know the Sadness”

PhD work can be life-sucking. When this life-sucking work is added to the normal pressures of family and work, it can easily overwhelm the best of us. For a while, I couldn't quite pinpoint why that was true for me, but I think I figured it out. PhD work had crowded out a lot of... Continue Reading →

Why I Love the SBC

A few days ago, Pastor Josh Buice, a pastor at Pray's Mill Baptist Church in Douglasville, GA, (and founding organizer of the annual G3 Conference), released a statement which made the rounds on social media. In that statement, Buice details his and his church's decision to leave the Southern Baptist Convention. At first, I was content to... Continue Reading →

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